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Little Italy
Looking for something with a Mediterranean flavor? Little Italy Restaurant serves the finest Italian cuisine amid a cozy, lively setting.

Rasa Nyonya
This quaint Asian restaurant beside our hotel serves a delicious array of signature Nyonya dishes - a uniquely Malaysian heritage. Try it.

KK city’s oldest and most established Japanese restaurant is also its most preferred venue - known for its authentic character and tasty food selection. Its quiet, unassuming setting makes it a choice venue for business professionals and true fans of Japanese cuisine.

It’s local club culture to hang out in KK city! Located just opposite of Shenanigan’s Fun Pub, Upperstar and its surrounding bars are the hotspots of the KK partygoers to rendezvous with friends - or simply to mellow down and relax after hitting the clubs.

KK Waterfront
Unwind after a night of exhilaration with the breeze of the South China Sea. KK Waterfront located just 20 minutes away from our hotel is another popular hangout spot for locals as well as tourists. The night is never dull at KK Waterfront - with its numerous food stalls serving local and Western food, as well as an assortment of lively pubs and entertainment outlets.

BB Café
Look out for this establishment located on Gaya street, opposite Pizza hut restaurant outlet - underneath the big white tent! A popular stop for backpackers, the BB Café offers shisha as well as the cheapest drinks in town (No joke, a margarita jug for RM25!). With a live band and good food, it’s probably one of the best-kept secrets in Kota Kinabalu.

Shenanigan’s Fun Pub
Kota Kinabalu city’s most established watering hole has seen two decades of party-goers walk through its doors. If live music is your thing, Shenanigan’s Fub Pub is definitely the place to be! A well-known hotspot for the bold and beautiful, Shenanigan’s Fun Pub is located opposite of Mosaic restaurant on the street level of Hyatt Regency Kinabalu hotel.

If one fancies the energy of a more flamboyant crowd, QBar is the place for you. Located just a stone’s throw from our hotel, the diminutive club plays a colorful eclectic mix of genre-fusion techno beats and radio friendly hits. With affordable drinks and a male-friendly bar staff, Qbar is perfect for the men who know what they want.

Jesselton Point
As the early shipping port of then-Jesselton town, this historic spot has since been transformed into an urban recreation centre housing open-air restaurants, a thriving futsal arena and remains as the main drop-off point for island-hoppers and ferry-bound travelers to the duty-free shopping island of Labuan.

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Start your journey from the historical Gaya Street. Look around and you will see a showcase of life in Borneo - the people, the food, the culture. Eden54 welcomes you at the very end of this stretch, past the old shop houses and commercial banks.

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The seaside city of Kota Kinabalu, located in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is known as one of the most popular city destinations outside Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur. Famous for its golden sunsets, tropical islands, emerald-green waters and friendly native people - Kota Kinabalu, or KK as it is fondly called, beckons visitors who prefer the energy of a young city with a fun, laid-back attitude.

eateries & nightlife

Whether it’s food or entertainment you crave, KK city is where it all comes together. Take a look at our list of favorite venues for your culinary experience and sensory delights.